Flower Mound Fitness and Infrared Yoga Studio

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Community Focused Fitness

Workout with others!

Connect with members of your local community and get healthy together! We provide a positive, nurturing environment for our members to reach their fitness goals together.

Heated Studio

Infrared heated studio provides a challenging and beneficial environment to help heal and build strong bodies.

Class Choices

We offer a variety classes in yoga, pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) along with special studio events and engagements.

Come Shine with us!

Our Mission:

At Shine Fitness, we strive to welcome and inspire everyone who walks through our door. We believe when you are strengthened on the outside, it transpires to strength and confidence on the inside. We want everyone to feel right at home as you Shine with us!

Hot Yoga

A variety of yoga class offerings that accommodate beginners all the way to seasoned yogis. Our classes use infrared heated panels to help in flexibility, health and fitness challenge. Check out our signature 33 Hot class along with a well developed program from our experienced instructors in Hot Flow, Slow Flow, and Yin classes.


High Intensity Interval Training – The most efficient work out we offer. This class begins with a brief warm up using fundamental movements. We then take you through 6 rounds of timed interval training. This class incorporates the use of kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, ropes and medicine balls. Strengthen your body and get your heart pumping!

Shine FlowMo

Start your weekend off with our Friday night happy hour! Enjoy Friday night fun with a Shine Flow class, music and friends. This class is done in low light with a glow!

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Setup 10 day trial for $20.