About Us

What makes us Shine:

Shine Fitness is a locally owned yoga and fitness studio focused on providing group experiences in a fully serviced, all accessible, community atmosphere.

We offer a variety of instructor led classes with a focus in yoga and HIIT for all skill levels.

Our Instructors


Owner Instructor

"I discovered my passion for exercise and fitness when I graduated from college in 2000 and started training for my first marathon. I quickly realized that running required stretching, something that my regimen was lacking, so I started practicing yoga in 2003. I enjoyed it so much that in 2014, I became a 500 hour certified yoga instructor. My yoga studio quickly became a huge part of my life, having managed that studio for 4 years. Yoga and fitness are about community and the support that the community lends. At Shine Fitness, my vision is to provide the support, encouragement, and inspiration that allows you to either begin your fitness journey or maintain the one you have. My mission is that everyone who walks through our door leaves empowered, encouraged and shines bright! "


Lead Instructor

"In 2004, I first started practicing yoga at home to increase my fitness and become more healthy. Soon, I realized that I was getting much more than just physical exercise. I started reading to learn more because I was drawn to the positivity and depth of practice. In 2006 I did a 500hr teacher training to learn more and to be a part of an uplifting community of like-minded people. I believe that yoga can be valuable to anyone and I am so happy and grateful to share it with others. Since I started teaching, I've had the opportunity to teach over 6,000 classes and 70,000 students, and have gotten to help train new teachers in teacher training. Over the years I've also become much more interested in fitness, and even got my Ace Personal Training Certification. I enjoy teaching a variety of classes including HIIT and Pilates. Now, yoga, fitness and health are my work and play!"